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5 Photo Snuff is the oldest tobacco brand in India. With almost 100 years of experience and product development. Before there even were any brands around, there was something more tangible: Snuff recipes and qualities. 5 Photo Snuff is no matter of luck; they have earned their status of natural treasure. A recipe created out of a single man’s endeavor for perfection. Over 100 years ago, Khetu Ram Bishamber Das created the first pinch a flavored and aromatic revolution at that time in a small village called Giddarbaha in Punjab, India. The raw tobacco used, is instrumental to get the desired taste of your snuff, but in order to pass our quality filters, tobacco can't just taste good. It must also have the right chemistry, with no unwanted substances.

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Apart from improving the quality of our existing products, we constantly strive in developing new products to lead the cut-throat competition.

Super Himalaya Snuff

Special Snuff

Himalaya Snuff



(1) Preparation and blending

The tobacco is weighed and transported to completely sealed blenders. The snuff is then mixed with the flavorful aromas and other superior ingredients that enhance the taste are added with menthol, which gives the product its distinct freshness. The quality of the blend is closely monitored and checked. When Approved - The whole batch is sent to the packaging line.

(2) Packaging

With loose ready snuff it's simple: The exact amount of snuff is going directly into the tin or plastic containers. Snuff is measured, weighed, and loaded into the specific containers, which is then sealed with our recognizable and famous logo of 5 Photo Snuff (PR). Standard container sizes are – 10g, 25g, 50g, 200g, 500g and 1KG